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Edge Condition


Thickness mm  W≤20mm  W 21mm to 50mm  W 51mm to 200mm  W 200mm to 625mm 
Th ≤ 0.25  S.E+D.E+R.E  S.E+D.E+R.E  S.E  S.E+M.E 
0.26 to 0.60  S.E+D.E+R.E  S.E+D.E+R.E  S.E  S.E+M.E 
0.61 to 0.80  S.E+D.E+R.E  S.E+D.E+R.E  S.E  S.E+M.E 
0.81 to 1.00  N.A  S.E+D.E+R.E  S.E  S.E+M.E 
1.00 to 1.25  N.A  S.E+D.E+R.E  S.E  S.E+M.E 
S.E  Slit Edge*  Slitting leaves a straight edge without excessive burr: Burr height≤10% of thickness 
D.E  Deburred Edge**  After slitting, the corners are mechanically removed 
R.E  Round Edge**  After slitting, the edges are mechanically rounded. 
M.E  Mill Edge  Without Slitting 

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